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Lead guitarrist Michel Martinez shines on a number of Spanish Blood tracks,perfectly emulating that clear as a bell guitar quality Hank Marvin had on that first full leght Shadows studio album from If you are reading these notes with the CD on. Spanish Blood may be the finest Los Jets album ever. This album was the number one of the Europan Charts during 23 weeks.

Sort of Shadows meets Flamenco. The majority of the tunes are great but unknown to me,but I enjoyed the ones I know,"The breeze and I","Jezabel"," Spanish lace" and equally important, "Lady of Spain".

I was impresed with the CD booklet,each song give details of the instruments used on the recording along with photographs of the guitars used as well. Most impressive indeed. I listened to it last night and think it is the best one yet from the group. The music was excellent. Es un disco perfecto para el mercado Internacional. Desde el titulo hasta el repertorio.

Y sin duda sera una digna continuacion de ese maravilloso album"40 Aniversario". Para los seguidores de Los Jets de todo el mundo sera un descubrimiento este album con sonido "flamenco-rock.

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Robert Silverstein 20th century guitar mag. Guitars and Drums. He sat down in one of the big rockers and smoked for several minutes without moving. His face was still with thought, his black eyes withdrawn and remote. There was a tight, hard smile, ever so faintly sardonic, at the corners of his mouth.

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At the end of that he went silently back through the house and dragged the dead man into the woodshed again, covered him up loosely with the wood. He locked the woodshed, locked the house up, went back along the narrow, steep path to the road and to his car. An old store counter served as bar in the roadside beerstube. Three low stools stood against it.

No ‘Spanish blood’ in short dark-haired Dutch, say researchers

Delaguerra sat on the end one near the door, looked at the foamy inside of an empty beer glass. The bartender was a dark kid in overalls, with shy eyes and lank hair. He stuttered. He said: "Sh-should I d-draw you another g-glass, mister? Delaguerra shook his head, stood up off the stool. He went across to the screen door, looked out at the sunny highway on which the shadows were getting quite long.

Sangre footsrockmemaper.tkh Blood

Beyond the concrete there was a graveled space edged by a white fence of four-by-fours. There were two cars parked there: Delaguerra's old Cadillac and a dusty hard-bitten Ford. A tall, thin man in khaki whipcord stood beside the Cadillac, looking at it. Delaguerra got a bulldog pipe out, filled it half full from a zipper pouch, lit it with slow care and flicked the match into the corner.

Then he stiffened a little, looking out through the screen. The tall, thin man was unsnapping the canvas that covered the back part of Delaguerra's car. He rolled part of it back, stood peering down in the space underneath. Delaguerra opened the screen door softly and walked in long, loose strides across the concre te of the highway. Delaguerra came up beside him. The man turned without any haste. He had a long, sour face, eyes the color of seaweed. His coat was open, pushed back by a hand on a left hip.

That showed a gun worn butt to the front in a belt holster, cavalry style. I think this ain't deer-hunting time and it ain't ever deer-hunting time for does. Delaguerra lowered his eyes very slowly, looked into the back of his car, bending over to see past the canvas. The body of a young deer lay there on some junk, beside a rifle. The soft eyes of the dead animal, unglazed by death, seemed to look at him with a gentle reproach.


There was dried blood on the doe's slender neck. Delaguerra reached into his breast pocket, got the badge out, rubbed it on his sleeve, held it in the palm of his hand. The thin game warden stared down at it, licking his lips. City police. We'll ride about ten miles downgrade in your heap. I'll thumb a ride back to mine. Delaguerra put the badge away, knocked his pipe out carefully, stamped the embers into the gravel.

Spanish Blood (Scavenger) [Playstation, Sega Saturn – Cancelled]

He replaced the canvas loosely. He got in under the wheel of the Cadillac. The thin warden went around the other side, got in beside him. Delaguerra started the car, backed around and started off down the smooth concrete of the highway. The valley was a deep haze in the distance. Beyond the haze other peaks were enormous on the skyline. Delaguerra coasted the big car easily, without haste. The two men stared straight before them without speaking. After a long time Delaguerra said: "I didn't know they had deer at Puma Lake. That's as far as I've been. He stared through the dusty windshield.

Delaguerra said: "I guess I wouldn't know it. I never shot a deer in my life. Police work hasn't made me that tough. The warden grinned, said nothing. The highway went through a saddle, then the drop was on the right side of the highway. Little canyons began to open out into the hills on the left.

Some of them had rough roads in them, half overgrown, with wheel tracks. Delaguerra swung the big car hard and suddenly to the left, shot it into a cleared space of reddish earth and dry grass, slammed the brake on. The car skidded, swayed, ground to a lurching stop.