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With this substance he anointed the injured prince, who made a miraculous and rapid recovery.

The Last Great Medicine Show

Further investigation of…this Tiger Fat discovered it to be of great value for cuts, bruises, burns, rheumatism, backache, and other ailments. Country singer Roy Acuff recalled such a story used by Doc Hauer on his show. With goose bumps on his arms, the doc would tell about an old man who attended his show with a small child.

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When they did not appear one evening, the doc found his way to their cabin. And the doctor said he would have given the old man a case of it if he had known….

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Another ploy was the testimonial from a satisfied customer. More often, the doctor would incorporate such testimonials in his pitch and display evidence of the cure, such as a tapeworm in a jar. Med show docs drew on folk medical beliefs, often using diagrams of the human anatomy to illustrate their lectures.


While disclaiming possession of a cure-all, their lectures were designed to convince audiences that most human ailment derived from disorders in one or two organs and could thus be cured by one product. Again, a good example comes from Violet McNeal: Now the first thing that this mineral water salt does in any case, man, woman, or child-I care not what you suffer from-is to correct the acidity of your stomach and start it to action. For the stomach is the beginning of the foundation, or starting point, of all your troubles. It must be the foundation or starting point of all cures. For small town and rural audiences, the doctor conveyed exotic pictures of faraway people and places.

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He seemed a sophisticated world traveler who brought to town not only entertainment, but also the promise of good health and a long life. In the words of T.

Old Crow Medicine Show with Special Guest Charlie Worsham (Sold Out)

Kelley: You are dying, every man, woman, and child is dying; from the instant you are born you begin to die and the calendar is your executioner. This is the last mornin' that I wear these greasy overalls Punch the clock and do just what I'm told to get along And face the long evenin', layin' close beside my radio Imaginin' the kisses of the girl that sings the song. Down below the subway's screaming As I lay here halfway dreaming Looking at the ceiling, wondering where, the dream went wrong where, where This is the last mornin', that I'm gonna have to think about it I'm going home.

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